There are obstacles that stand between the person you are now and the person you want to be. Hypnotism can resolve those obstacles better than any other treatment. It's not treated as a last resort anymore.

Mark Hober MA, CH.

I will help you achieve your goals.

"Mark helped me stop smoking without feeling irritated and anxious.", lose weight. I am no longer powerless to say no to dessert.", cope with the PTSD diagnosis after my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Anxiety, Relationships, Drug Abuse, Public Speaking, Motivation, Anger Issues, Concentration, Procrastination, Improving Sports, Improving Mood, Shyness, Sexual Issues, Pain Management, Childbirth, Smoking

Ready To Get Started?

Congratulations! Lao Tzu once stated: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

While our journey together will most certainly not cover a thousand miles it does, however, begin with a single step. One of your first steps along this journey was to realize you wanted to make a difference in your life and that in some way you have been powerless to make this change. It was time to seek help and that’s what has led you here. Your next step is to contact me so we can discuss how we’re going to begin this transformation you are now ready for.

A key aspect to understand about your subconscious mind, and the way it operates, is that anything “unfamiliar” to you (and thus “unfamiliar” to the subconscious mind) is “uncomfortable.”

And, subconsciously, we all tend to shy away from anything that makes us feel “uncomfortable.”

If we take this a step further, you may realize you have never talked to anyone about hypnosis and thus, right now you may be feeling “uncomfortable.” Don’t let this “uncomfortable” feeling stand in the way of you pursuing your goals. Remember, it may feel “uncomfortable” simply because it is “unfamiliar” to you. Much like a feeling you might notice when meeting someone new or when you’re asked to try a new food. And then, after you spend some time with the person, or taste the new dish, you find you actually enjoy them. You’ve come this far — take the next step!

Hypnotism is a proven method for helping you attain your goals. Let’s get started on your journey today!

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I look forward to meeting you.