There are obstacles that stand between the person you are now and the person you want to be. Hypnotism can resolve those obstacles better than any other treatment. It's not treated as a last resort anymore.

Mark Hober MA, CH.

I will help you achieve your goals.

"Mark helped me stop smoking without feeling irritated and anxious.", lose weight. I am no longer powerless to say no to dessert.", cope with the PTSD diagnosis after my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Anxiety, Relationships, Drug Abuse, Public Speaking, Motivation, Anger Issues, Concentration, Procrastination, Improving Sports, Improving Mood, Shyness, Sexual Issues, Pain Management, Childbirth, Smoking


Hi! My name is Mark Hober.

I will be honored to assist you in reaching your goals. I started my professional career as a personal trainer where I discovered that many of my clients struggled with making healthy food choices.

It seemed they were almost powerless to change their eating habits even though they were highly motivated to lose weight and become healthier. Yet, the motivation, knowledge, and assistance were still not enough, in some cases, to overcome the emotional attachment to certain “comfort foods” and self-limiting habitual patterns of behavior.

As a result, I earned a Master Hypnotist Certification, 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy Certification, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher Certification, and the National Guild of Hypnotists Professional Certification from Calvin Banyan’s Hypnosis Center.

My AHA! moment came with the realization that the “desire” to change did not equal the “ability” to change. It was this understanding that guided my search for a way to help people (myself included) release their self-limiting behaviors and truly reach their goals.

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    Since that time I have helped many people overcome all types of obstacles that stood in the way of their success. The proven techniques we will use together, as a team, provide rapid and permanent change. Your sessions will be tailor-made to address those things in your life you wish were different in some way.

    We are not all created equal nor did we grow up in the same environment but your personal experiences don’t have to limit what you can accomplish or prevent you from being the person you want to be. Whether you want to lose weight, gain perspective, gain self-confidence, or free yourself from a particular feeling or self-limiting thought pattern that has plagued you for a lifetime. It all starts with just one step.

    I know hypnosis works and can make a profound difference in your life because it has already done so in mine. I have personally used hypnosis to overcome my own challenges and been humbled by the changes I have experienced.

    If you have any questions about hypnosis, or my journey, or about getting started on yours (and most people do), please call me directly at (270) 871-6499.