There are obstacles that stand between the person you are now and the person you want to be. Hypnotism can resolve those obstacles better than any other treatment. It's not treated as a last resort anymore.

Mark Hober MA, CH.

I will help you achieve your goals.

"Mark helped me stop smoking without feeling irritated and anxious.", lose weight. I am no longer powerless to say no to dessert.", cope with the PTSD diagnosis after my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Anxiety, Relationships, Drug Abuse, Public Speaking, Motivation, Anger Issues, Concentration, Procrastination, Improving Sports, Improving Mood, Shyness, Sexual Issues, Pain Management, Childbirth, Smoking

Why is Hypnotism So Effective?

Hypnotism can help you reach your goals even when nothing else has worked. Hypnotism is an effective way to gain access to those choices and responses that seem to work against you and even prevent you from being successful, healthy, or feeling good about yourself.

In short, the choices and responses you find dysfunctional or challenging in your life can be seen as “programs” that are locked up in the subconscious mind. These “programs” seem to have a life of their own and “pop-up” automatically in response to certain situations, people, thoughts, feelings, or emotions you come into contact with in your day to day routine.

The programs that pop-up in your subconscious are the obstacles standing between who you are now and the person you wish to be.

When a subconscious program “pops-up” in your life it seems as if you are powerless to stop the feelings, emotions, or repetitive thought processes that come with it. Hypnotism will help you effectively resolve these obstacles so you can now choose to stop smoking, lose weight, deal with your anger, or feel better about your life and who you are — regardless of what may have happened to you in the past.

Let’s face it — no one gets up in the morning and consciously chooses to be an unhealthy weight, to have low self-esteem or self-confidence, to procrastinate, to have test anxiety, to suffer the damaging effects of smoking, or to suffer from PTSD. And yet sometimes it seems as if we are powerless to do or be anything different — no matter how hard we try.

But, through the effective use of hypnotism, you can recover your power of choice. You can resolve those “pop-up” subconscious programs. You can take back your life.

There is a way to become healthy and whole again. Don’t feel powerless one more day.

Let me show you the way.