There are obstacles that stand between the person you are now and the person you want to be. Hypnotism can resolve those obstacles better than any other treatment. It's not treated as a last resort anymore.

Mark Hober MA, CH.

I will help you achieve your goals.

"Mark helped me stop smoking without feeling irritated and anxious.", lose weight. I am no longer powerless to say no to dessert.", cope with the PTSD diagnosis after my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Anxiety, Relationships, Drug Abuse, Public Speaking, Motivation, Anger Issues, Concentration, Procrastination, Improving Sports, Improving Mood, Shyness, Sexual Issues, Pain Management, Childbirth, Smoking


“I came in to see Mark for some self-confidence issues — ended up losing 20 pounds too. Thanks Mark!” — A.H

“Opening my eyes to and experiencing hypnosis with Mark has changed my life. He is extremely knowledgeable and I felt very confident in his ability to help me. Everyone has something in there life, in their past, that causes them pain. I have been able to work through my issues and put them behind me! I literally feel like a new woman, deserving of love and happiness. Thank you for changing my life.” — M.S.

“I met with Mark for weight loss. Amazing! I lost the weight and have gained so much confidence.” — L.G.

“I admit I wasn’t sure what hypnosis was all about. I thought it might be too much or that I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. So not true! Mark made me feel comfortable and I felt I understood exactly how the session would go before we began. I have tried almost everything and nothing else worked. But now I’ve let go of the past and am ready for the future. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone interested in changing their life for the better.” — D.J.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Thank you so much Mark for the wonderful work you did with me last week. I had been stuck with unresolved grief for twenty-five years and doubted I would ever shift it. But the hypnosis session you did with me was brilliant. I feel like a new woman – that part of me that died has come back to life again. Please put this testimonial on your website to encourage anyone who is lost in grief to reach out and start living again. Thank you so much. CS Ireland.

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